A sensual experience
Serendipity, The Nail Spa, is a high-end nail salon with a spa-treatment environment and treatment package that is unique in Singapore. Serendipity also offers treatment products with the highest quality natural ingredients.

Founded by Sayuri Hoshino in 2001, Serendipity, The Nail Spa introduced the concept of a complete 'hand and foot spa' which could not be found anywhere else in Singapore.

A simple manicure and pedicure becomes an escape from one's hectic schedule. Key to this idea is creating a sanctuary for sheer indulgence and pampering.

Through the use of soft lighting, soft sound of music and the aroma of essential oils, the entire atmosphere is designed to be relaxing and rejuvenating. Care and attention in a relaxed and peaceful manner brought service to a new level in Singapore.

Following this spa philosophy, a menu specially designed for couples and small parties to have treatment together in an exclusive environment transforms nail care into a social activity, instead of something that is done solely in preparation for other activities.

Selected articles featuring Serendipity founder, Sayuri Hoshino.

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